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house and office removals When choosing a reliable removals company to move your belongings from one location to another, it is very important to find a trustworthy firm to handle your goods. Moving Day can offer all this and more, because we can give you more than just help with moving. We are can present you with an all in one package, where you can answer all of your inquiries regarding packing, storing and relocating here with us. Finding all of the help you need under one roof will save you time and money, which is why you should check out our list of services that we offer to all.

Having already moved many people in similar situations to you, having packed up thousands of our client's belongings and provided a large number of customers with storage solutions, we now want to help you too. All of our removal, packing and storage services are performed with excellent technique and accuracy by experts who have years of experience in this business sector. Usually, high class removal services London and the guarantee of quality come at quite an unimaginable price, but this doesn't happen here at this company. Here, all of our services are very competitive and easily affordable for most budgets. We even provide special relocation packages for students to make their lives easier, which just goes to show that our prices are kept as low as possible for all of our clients.

removal company As we are a removals company, naturally we offer a range of services for those of you on the move. Our experienced and professional drivers are based all over London, the UK and in some EU countries and are each designated their own location in which they work. Each of our driving team are given their specific areas to work in according to their experience and skills in driving in that particular area. No distance is too short or too far for us, so we can be there for you wherever you need to go and whenever. We specialise in London, UK and EU moves, so there is really no area that we do not cover. In the years that our business has been running, we have moved clients to various locations across London, the UK and to some European countries too. Not everybody wants to drive around London and quite often it can be difficult to find a professional driver, whose work involves driving, to enter in to central London or other parts. The heavy traffic and road rage can put some people off, as can the chaotic road system and size of the city itself. But even if it's not the fear of travelling through London that wards some drivers off, it can simply be due to the fact that they consider it to be more trouble that what it is worth. It is a known fact that parking can be a major problem in London and the red lines don't help matters. However, we do not consider this attitude to be professional because we aim to provide valuable help and assistance to all of our clients, wherever they need to be moved to. Our London removal men drive in to London on a daily basis, so it won't create a problem for them or for you.

removal services When we say that we deal with the UK, we mean all of the UK, so we really don't leave any area untouched. With our quick and efficient removals, your items will arrive in your new location in no time and you can then begin your new life at your new home.

The thought of moving abroad is a very exciting prospect, but finding reputable and reliable help is not always easy. Not every UK based company may travel to your specific country and therefore you may need to hire a foreign firm to take care of the situation for you. Language barriers, lack of correct documentation and the sheer problem of the distance involved can cause you a lot of difficulties during the relocation. We however, are an English speaking team who hold all of the necessary documentation to transport your goods to any country in the European Union and some other parts of Europe. We maintain regular communication with you and within our team at all times during the move, so you will be kept informed about the location of the removals lorry and your belongings. For many students, making your money last during your years at university is by no means an easy thing to do. Student loans cover your living costs but leave very little room for anything else. What so many people and businesses seem to forget is that students, through no choice of their own, have to regularly relocate to different accommodation on a fairly frequent basis. Transporting your items to everywhere you go is not helping your budget either, as transportation costs do not come cheap. But at this company, we can provide help with moving, at a student-friendly price, so it doesn't have to strain your student loan.

removal services london Not everyone has forty cubic metres of items to transport to their new location and we are well aware of this. We also think that they shouldn't be charged for the hire of a large vehicle when they don't have the items to fill it either, which is why we offer a solution for small moves too. Our small move services are cheap and ideal for those who are moving a small amount of belongings.

Our other services include packing, providing packing materials and storage facilities too. If you can't or don't want to take on the job of packing yourself, you can leave it to the experts who do this on a daily basis. We can even provide you with the essential packing materials that are needed to pack your items properly. You may also be interested in our great storage units, which are suitable for all kinds of storage purposes. Come and personally choose the storage container that you would like to use and keep your belongings safe with us.

If you have any enquiries or would like a free quote today on any of our services, please call 020 8746 4377 and speak to one of our friendly staff at Moving Day.

Our Testimonials
Caitlin 04/11/2019
Definitely would use these movers again. Nothing lost or broke, and no time wasted whatsoever. Smooth transition, as well.
Georgia 01/11/2019
Receptive and dedicated movers. Punctual and hard working. Our relocation went smoothly from beginning to end. Will use again.
Josh 31/10/2019
Excellent removals firm, the move was a snap! They hire only the best workers: Easy to communicate with, hard-working and friendly throughout the entire process.
Luke 27/10/2019
Professional removals firm. Found the workers to be an amicable bunch of good guys. Movers showed up on-time ready to tackle this move and did so helpfully and speedily.
Charlie 22/10/2019
Just the best removals company! Can't believe we booked them, completely by chance. We know nothing about moving, so we were just like a chimp with a telephone book. Just surfed the net, looking for what we thought would be the best deal, which we got! Thank you for the smooth move!
Callum 15/10/2019
Prompt, respectful and skilful. As anyone during moving time, we get a little worried about our possessions, "Will they arrive at their destination all in one piece?". Yep, turns out that they do and did! Thanks so much to Moving Day's movers in transferring my things without breakage or loss!
Alexander 18/09/2019
Using their movers again, second time this year. However, the first was a move, now I'm just using their man and van service to haul some non-essentials to storage. Same awesome demeanour, same good people. Highly recommend!
Chloe 23/08/2019
Satisfied with my moving experience with Moving Day. Their man and van service were just what I needed to move my scarce possessions. Presently having tea in my new flat!
Nathan 04/08/2019
Polite bunch of movers, arrived at our residence just as agreed. Very helpful moving service!
Megan 04/07/2019
Moving Day is a no-nonsense moving company that took a leadership approach when it came to our move. This resulted in a nice, easy-going, hassle-free move. Highly recommend them.
Holly 28/06/2019
Moving to was not exactly a challenge I was looking forward to, but after a promotion came my way, if I wanted it, I'd have to transfer. Booking Moving Day was such a pleasure! Their professional attitude and friendly movers got me there in one piece. Thanks!
Amber 12/06/2019
Dedicated removals firm. Their punctual and hardworking team arrived as scheduled and immediately set to work. We did not have to pay for them standing around and doing nothing, which was a relief. All in all, a perfect removal help. Highly recommend!
Thomas 08/06/2019
We had to move across town and Moving Day was just the removals firm to do it.
Adam 29/05/2019
Moving Day turned out to be a fast and efficient removals company. Once we booked their services, they stepped up and took the lead and made our transition a simple affair.
Hannah 03/05/2019
Can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for your moving services. Got us to where we needed to be, with the least amount of hassle!
Stuart 25/04/2019
Nothing but good things to relate to Moving Day. As far as house removals go, they're the absolute best at it, and I've moved 3 times already, so I can compare. We're now in our new home, lounging and enjoying the evening air. All thanks to their efficient system.
Deb 15/03/2019
Across the board, Moving Day is a most awesome removals company in the area. Moving to a new place is a drag, so we let them take care of it all.
Harry 11/02/2019
Currently on a modest budget, so booked their man with a van service to help move me and my roommate to a larger flat. Workers on conscientious and pay attention to detail. Happy with the results.
Mark 15/01/2019
First-time home buyer here. Booked their home removals to help get me to a London area, which they did. Workers are friendly and the prices were good!
Courtney 14/11/2018
Affordable man and van service. Moved a few essential items into storage. Will use again!