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Looking For a Company to Provide Your London Removals? We’re The Guys to Call!

london moversMoving Day are an independent removals company in London. We comprehensive London removal services and relocation services – but really, our primary motivation and objective is to make any moving operation you have planned totally stress-free! We understand that no matter what you’re moving, where you’re moving it to and why you’re moving it (whether you’re relocating to a new home or office, or need items you’ve cleared up moved to the dump or to a storage facility, or are simply collecting some newly bought items from a warehouse or store), moving day is an event which needs to be taken seriously. If you undertake the responsibility yourself, it can require painstaking planning and significant financial burden to implement and carry out satisfactorily. On top of this, it can also interrupt your time at work and your free time at home. Conversely, with our help, none of these worries need apply. We have a peerless reputation for getting the job done efficiently and professionally each and every single time! And, whilst you may think it’s cheaper to do the job yourself, chances are you’re not familiar with our highly competitive prices. Many people are gobsmacked at how little we can charge for an all-inclusive professional moving service in London! You can get a taste of our prices, and a fuller understanding of what solutions we could offer you, by calling us on 020 8746 4377 today!

There really are a world of advantages employing a dedicated professional removals company in London. A major benefit we bring to customers is that we put them at the core of all of work. This means, in short, that we tailor and amend our service offering specifically according to what YOU need. If our time as a professional moving company has taught us anything, it’s that no customer is ever the same – everyone wants and requires different things, each time! We always endeavour to make our services as convenient for you as we possibly can. You dictate what we do, and when we do it! It’s that simple! Call us now on 020 8746 4377 for a free quote!

london moversWe simply won’t employ a removal man or woman if they’re not professionally trained and professionally certified, and come with years of experience in London removal services. Whilst many removal companies in London seem to think that all is required for a successful removal is a strapping lad or lass, we know there’s more to it than that! What’s more, our staff are always friendly and courteous – you’ll have no reservations about coordinating with them directly on the day to ensure your needs are met! We brief all of our removal staff thoroughly before the day, too, meaning they’ll arrive on the scene fully aware of what’s required of them, and fully prepared to address your requirements head on! Moving Day don’t cut corners if it means we end up compromising on the quality and professionalism of the London removal services we offer! We’ve been beavering away at optimising and perfecting our London moving services – although we know we don’t know all there is to know! You won’t come across another company in London offering removals that’s quite as willing to try new things, and take on new challenges, as us! Why not give us a call on 020 8746 4377 if you have a removal planned? We’re sure we can help you out in some way or another – even if all we can offer you is advice on best London removals practice, we’d love to hear from you! We always enjoy chatting with prospective clientele directly.

Our Testimonials
Christopher O. 2019/11/04
It sounds great to be served like royalty. That is what Moving Day did to me when I sought their services to move my house. The house removal skills were out of this world.
Elizabeth M. 2019/10/24
The pricing of Moving Day is very fair. I did not have to break the bank when I engaged them for my house moving.
Jade 2019/10/10
Planning my house removal made me feel as if the world was upside down. Booking this removals firm turned out to be an excellent choice, as they got me ready, helped with packing materials, and had friendly movers. Good experience, all around.
Benjamin M. 2019/08/25
I was amazed by how skilled the staff of Moving Day. They knew exactly what to do with my furniture. I did not see any scratch when they finished moving.

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