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05 August 2016
You’re Moving House to Finchley, Who do you Tell?

You’re Moving House to Finchley, Who do you Tell?

moving house 

If you’re moving home to Finchley, it’s likely you’ve told everyone, including anyone who’ll listen. Let’s face it, you’ve probably bored everyone at home and at work with details on house prices, decorating ideas, arrangements and meetings, but have you actually told the people who need to know you’re moving? There’s a whole heap of people who will need to know your new address and contacting them all can be time consuming, however, it needs to be done to carry on as seamlessly as possible after moving out, to get everything from the clothes you ordered online to those dreaded bills.

forward bills

Services and bills

You need to ensure that everyone you pay a direct debit too knows your new address in Finchley, N2, to avoid any nasty surprises and charges as well as continue to benefit from the services you come to rely on. You will need to inform your bank, mobile services as well as informing those you wish to cancel as well as to transfer to your new home after moving. It’s also important to remember things you might forget you subscribe too such as catalogues and gym and library memberships. The easiest way to do it is by looking at everything which comes out of your bank account, as these are the services which will cost you if you miss a payment, or those things that you don’t want to turn up free at the old home. After this, try to rack your brains for anything else you use or opt in to which should know you’re moving. Your TV license is often forgotten, but it is very easy to tell them when you’re moving and where to, to transfer your license with you.


Energy suppliers

Obviously, your energy suppliers need to know you’re moving house to the N3 district to cancel, transfer and continue such vital services such as gas and electricity. Whilst moving home, it is also the perfect time to double check that you’re getting the best deal with you suppliers, or perhaps you could switch and save money elsewhere, making it the perfect time to inform the right people you’re moving. You may also be saving money by moving into a better insulated house, so look for tariffs to suit your property and lifestyle to save even more.

mail redirection

Post and deliveries

You should let not only the Royal Mail know where you’re moving to and when, but also companies which you regularly buy or order from which has your address stored need to know not to deliver there. The Royal Mail has a great paid for service which can forward all of your mail for a certain amount of time, which is great to catch any post from companies you may have forgotten about, or long lost relatives who forget. A forwarding address in N12 is a great idea to ensure nothing gets lost, it will most probably be bills, but getting such letters is better in the long run. After moving in whenever you purchase anything online or to be delivered, remember they might not have your new address in Finchley, so it’s always best to double check to avoid lost post.


Medical centres

Of course, medical centres such as doctors and dentists will need to know you’ve moved to forward on post and for their records. You may have to also move practices, so knowing in advance will also make it easier for your old and new health centres to transfer medical notes, great if you need an appointment not long after moving.

inform neighbours


Last but not least, tell your neighbours and close friends, especially if there is a period when the house might be empty. Your neighbours can act as a go between for you and the new home owners; collecting missed post and parcels and arranging collection of anything that might have been forgotten.

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