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05 August 2016
What not to Pack for your Move to Edgware

What not to Pack for your Move to Edgware

packing boxes 

If you need to organize a house move to the London area of Edgware you need to think of dozens of things at the same time. Moving house is hard and everyone is aware of that. If there are children involved, the emotional side of the relocation will add even more pressure to the experience. However, there are some basic rules for relocations which are quite helpful and should be followed.

hire movers

One of the ways to move house to the HA8 region is by hiring full removals services and trusting packers and movers who will sort out all of your belongings and then shift them to the new location with a large moving truck. This way is definitely the easiest method, but it’s also the most expensive one. Another way to move to London is by trusting man-and-van service, who are becoming more and more popular these days.

moving home

When you plan on packing things yourself or sorting out most of your belongings and getting them ready to be transported, there are some things you need to know. Not everything you own and store at home should be packed and loaded into the moving truck. In fact, the less shipment you have, the better – this would mean one trip to the new location in the NW7 district, less packing material and an overall quicker, easier and cheaper move. Before you even begin packing you need to take the inventory and prepare a list. Make sure you don’t transport clutter and junk that you don’t even use anymore.

removal van

Another thing to consider is the type of items that it’s safe to transport and those that definitely shouldn’t be packed in boxes. There are some items that need special packing material, special handling and care and can’t be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a cardboard box. There are items which are strongly hazardous and shouldn’t be packed at all. If you don’t want to be charged extra for trying to transport various hazardous items to Edgware, HA8, make sure you discuss that with the moving company you have hired so there is no misunderstanding. Some items you may not view as dangerous are in fact risky, especially if they are on the road. Some of the items that can cause hazardous situations during a move are batteries, fertilizers and even nail polish remover. Most of these items are also not allowed to be taken on airplanes. Other items that can be dangerous are cleaning fluid, motor oil, bleach and children’s chemistry sets. You need permission to pack such high-risk items. Don’t even think about moving leftover fireworks either.

important documents

Other items that you definitely shouldn’t pack for the moving truck include personal documents, passports, valuable paperwork, heirlooms, plants, etc. You should also be careful when moving antiques, works of art, computers and TV sets to your new home in Edgware. Even a slight bump on the road can cause a damage to any of these items which is too much risk.

discuss insurance

You need to reach an agreement with the mover and discuss the insurance and what it will cover in the case of an accident, before you decide what to pack for the truck. It’s best to transport items of high value (both monetary and sentimental) in your own vehicle – this way you will be sure that they are safe.

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