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26 October 2016
Unpacking after Removal: The Full Guide

unpacking after moving

Congratulations! You’ve finally made it to your new house! After you’ve dealt with all of the planning, packing, loading and transporting, it is now time for the last major part of your house removal – the unpacking. It is not an easy process at all, so you’d better start it as soon as possible. Don’t procrastinate with unpacking as this will only make it more annoying. All of the moving boxes are waiting for you so it is time for action. Here is the full guide to unpacking after moving house which will help you organise this process more efficiently.

1.    Clean the new place first

Before you start unpacking make sure that the place is completely clean. Keep in mind that after you place all of your furniture and personal possessions all over the house, it will be harder to have it cleaned. That is why you need to unpack your cleaning supplies and start mopping and dusting around.

home cleaning

2.    Unpack essentials first

You probably have your boxes labelled with the items that they contain. It is really important so that you know which boxes to start unpacking first. At first you will need your essential items such as clothes, telephone, toilet paper, hand soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, pillows, bed sheets, glasses, cutlery, etc. These items will make you feel more comfortable during the first day.

unpack essentials

3.    Which rooms to organise first?

The rooms that you should start the unpacking from are the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom.

After a very tiring moving day, you definitely need to have some rest. That is why your bedroom is the first room you need to unpack. Get all of the pillows, sheets and blankets out and set the room for normal occupation.

unpack the bathroom

You also need to make sure that the bathroom is ready to be used. You might need to take a quick shower before dealing with the rest of the unpacking. Take the shower curtains out of the boxes and hang them up. Provide the necessary towels and toiletries.

Another room that you need to unpack as soon as possible is the kitchen. You will need to eat something during the unpacking process so that you have enough energy to accomplish this task. Start by arranging all of the big kitchen appliances such as cooking stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. Continue with smaller appliances such as your microwave oven, toaster and coffee maker.

kitchen unpacking

After you are done with these 3 rooms you can go on with organising the rest of the rooms in your house.

4.    Don’t drive yourself too hard

We all know that dealing with domestic removals and unpacking can be rather exhausting. However, you need to have frequent breaks so that you can feel refreshed. Try to unpack in a stress free manner and at such a speed that is comfortable for you. Set small goals and reward yourself for accomplishing them with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Turn unpacking into a fun activity that will bring you joy and enthusiasm.

moving house

Moving home can be really tiring sometimes. There are so many things that you need to deal with and unpacking is for sure one of the most time-consuming tasks. However, it has to be done sooner or later so there is no need for procrastination. The sooner you start organising your possessions in your new home, the faster it will be done. The process of moving house doesn’t end the moment the moving van departs from your new home. Actually, your relocation is far from over. There are plenty of organisational and unpacking tasks that you need to deal with before you can sit comfortably on the couch, turn the TV on and watch your favourite show.

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