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17 August 2016
The Best Kept Secrets to Moving Furniture

furniture moving

Moving house involves moving all those items that make up the place you call a home. A significant portion of these items are furniture pieces. When it comes to house removals, moving furniture can be a big burden and hassle. It is important to take care of furniture during the loading, transit, and unloading periods while moving home. This article details some top tips that can help keep your furniture safe and sound so that you can rest and relax at your new abode with your familiar furniture items.


loading a sofa


Sofas and couches


Moving the sofa can be an awkward tasks as it a big and bulky item. Take these steps into account to make the process much easier:


- Take the sofa cushions off and pack them separately

- Wrap the ends of the sofa in bubble wrap to protect them

- To move the sofa, slide cardboard underneath the feet and use a push and pull motion to get the sofa out of the room

- When it comes to getting the sofa through doorways, lift in onto its side and have two people available to get the sofa through narrow doorways


moving kitchen appliances


Kitchen appliances


Items in the kitchen can be delicate as they are heavy and bulky, and many of them involve electrical cords that need to be taken care of. Try these steps when packing your kitchen appliances during the move:


- Wrap electrical cords with bubble wrap and tie them in a coil using string or something similar so that they don’t shift during the move

- Make sure you use a trolley to lift and shift kitchen appliances

- Move backwards through doorways with the trolley so that you don’t risk tipping the item

- Load these items into the moving van first as they will take up the most space


relocating chairs


Tables and chairs


Moving tables and chairs from the dining room can be difficult as they are often at risk of being bumped or scratched during the loading and unloading process. To protect your dining set and other chairs and tables, try these tips:


- Cover the legs of chairs in bubble wrap

- Take apart the legs of the tables where possible and remove them from the table top

- Take cushions off chairs and use these to wrap around the legs, securing with an elastic band or string

- Load flat table tops to the side of the removal van


house movers


Bookshelves and chests of drawers


In terms of furniture moving, bookshelves and chests of drawers are probably the easiest thing to deal with. These tips will still make your life easier when it comes to loading up these furniture pieces:


- Take the shelves/drawers out and stack them at the side of the van

- Lay the bookshelf on its side if it is a tall bookshelf and slide it out that way

- Place cardboard under the ends of the bookshelf or cupboard to make pushing it out easier

- Be careful when moving the bookshelf through doorways and around corners

- Place the bookshelf/chest of drawers in the moving van and stack boxes in it to weigh it down so that it doesn’t shift during the transit time


moving a bed




Getting the bed out of the room is the most difficult part of the moving process. Try doing these things to make it easier for yourself and the movers:


- Take the mattress off first and place this in the van in front of the kitchen appliances to protect them

- If your bed has wheels on the base it can easily be rolled out

- For wooden frames, use cardboard to slide the bed frame

- Place the frame on its side to get it through doors and around corners


furniture removals


At the end of the day, if you follow these simple tips, furniture removals will not pose you any problems. If you are not certain you can do the task yourself, turn to a removal company with ample experience in such types of relocation tasks.

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