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04 April 2016
Room-By-Room Packing: The Kitchen

packing the kitchen

If you think that process of moving house itself is a nightmare, then you have never actually done any of the preparations. One of the difficult things that precede a house relocation is the packing process. And you will hardly be surprised to hear that the kitchen is one of the hardest rooms to prep for your upcoming move. After all, depending on what you are taking with you, it has all the ingredients for disaster, what with all the heavy appliances and fragile items such as glass cups and easily breakable plates and other cutlery. But here is a small guide on how to make the removals much safer.

First of all, empty everything. If you are moving the fridge and freezer, please remember to de-frost them, because you do not want any leaks and spills while on the road. Secondly, find protective wraps and cover them. Also, tie the covering with a plastic wrap to ensure no doors will be opened while moving them. Always use a dolly to move them – heavy objects are no joke. And thirdly, always, always, always have somebody help you when loading them. There are too many things that could go wrong when doing it alone to list.

empty your appliances

Bubble wrap and small spaces will be your best friend when packing all your plates, bowls and cups. There are many moving companies that offer safety kits for moving dishes, which are basically boxes with separated sections, but if you want the simple and less expensive solution, just get bubble wrap and make your own padding. Make sure the entire box is packed tightly and that there is no space for the dishes to move around.

packing dishes

A lot of the techniques used in packing the dishes can also be applied to the glasses. Bubble wrap and tightly padded spaces will go a long way to keep your items safe. Another method is to find the stemware’s original boxes since it usually comes with its own padding solutions and use them. A third method involves a lot of boxes and a lot of polystyrene. But there is always a solution.

packaging stemware

Incredibly easy to pack. Wrap in bubble wrap and shove where there is space in other boxes, or simply put them in plastic boxes and add them to a cardboard box. Or, if you want to save space, put them inside any Tupperware you may have, or maybe inside the pots. This will be the least of your worries, no doubt about that.

utensils packing

Pans and pots
Also somewhat easy, depending with the combinations you choose. The best way to pack them is by putting them at the bottom of the box and organising items over them. And they should always be at the bottom – pans and pots are heavy objects and they may crush plates and bowls. Definitely never pack them along with glasses. It is best if they are fastened tight within the box so that they have minimum space to move.

packaging pots

Food and perishable items
No. Absolutely no moving of food. Unless you have a portable freezer or fridge, you need to get rid of all the food. Eat it or donate it, but don’t move with it. Perishable items are rarely a good thing to move as, depending on the length of the relocation process, they may go bad, they may break their container and mess up everything around them, and they may deteriorate because of the move itself. Better to get rid of all such items.

do not pack food

Handle your kitchen in the way described above and you will have no problems during the move. It will be to move, only the packing requires some more attention. After that you are ready to proceed with other rooms and make your preparations with your moving company. The house removals are still not done.

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