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05 August 2016
Man with a Van in London: Choose the Best Team

Man with a Van in London: Choose the Best Team

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You finally have your new place and have decided to move your heavy items of furniture by using a removal van service in London…but what to choose? You don’t want to spend too much on one although on the other hand you don’t want your furniture to be in pieces at the other end. So what to do? How do you assess which is best for you? London is a large area: the tips below will help you make the right choice.

search online

There will be many van companies out there, fighting for your business. Instead of trawling through pages and pages online or in the yellow pages, try and set search guide lines: price, efficiency and most importantly: location. You don’t want to hire a van London that is on the other side to London to your home or where you are moving too. Try and make them local to your area, for example if you live in Hackney, don’t pick someone who is in Croydon. Every borough will have a range of services from top notch to not so good, so where ever you are there will always be a wide range to choose from.

moving costs

Think about how much you want to pay. If you want to go for a really expensive service and try and get the best you can, then go for it! If you want to spend a little less that’s perfectly fine - you don’t need to spend for the world just to hire a removal van. It is entirely down to personal preference but you must always remember one small thing…

removal services

The price does not disclose information on how good the service is. It is a common misconception that everything expensive must be the best. In most cases this can be true however on some occasions, it is not. If you find a place, it is always handy to check it out online either at home, at a friend’s, or at a public library. Read some reviews and get a feel for what they are like. There is no harm in giving them a ring to see what the staff are like.

moving checklist

When you have made a decision on what service you want to use, it is time to start planning. At this stage, prices should have been negotiated and so have times. If they are funny, it may be time to find another company in London however if you are happy with their service then it’s best to continue. You can stage to arrange when you want the service, what time and where to. Now the moving process can begin.

van rental

When choosing a service to hire, it can be quite difficult however with the tips above it can be made easier. Just remember to always read the reviews instead of just skimming over them as they can really help. Good luck in your search!

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