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18 April 2016
Loading the Removal Van: Health Risks to Beware Of

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There is always something to be careful about when you are endeavouring in a house relocation. Even if we do not count all the mental risks that the house removals present in the first place since the mind is basically an emotional roller coaster at the time, you are still facing a difficult task filled with physical threats. And the biggest potential problems start the moment you reach down to pick up that first moving box to take it to the removal van. From A to B does not sound so bad, but in reality the middle distance between the two can be a very hard and dangerous road. Here is what to watch out for.

The obvious chance of spraining a wrist or an ankle during a move is not the only thing to beware of. The chance of physical injury is embedded in everyday life and you will be exposed to this risk with literally every step of your move. A badly handled box can easily ruin your balance and in the attempt to recover and not let it fall down, you may hurt your hand or arm, or, if you stagger, you may step on the wrong side of your foot and sprain something from below.

back strain

If you are not physically fit enough, there is also the chance of hernia. Overexerting yourself is never a good idea and doing more than you can will cause you a lot of physical pain. Know your limits and act within them. That way you will save yourself a lot of metaphorical headache and literal torture.

Pulling your back is also a common thing that happens to people who are not “physically prepared” for a move, so to speak. You may bend down to pick up the box and who knows if you’ll be able to stand up again. Make sure that your back can handle the loading and how much help you need with pretty much anything before you attempt any lifting.

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Moving house is also a cause for a few diseases. Don’t think that just because you are doing physical work your health cannot deteriorate. First of all, if you are moving furniture, the moment you pull an item that has never been moved from its spot, you will release a whole cloud of dust. Dust mites which have been sleeping there and collecting germs for months and years will be in the air. If you inhale any of that cloud, your health will definitely be at risk. Respiratory problems could be the least of your worries, to be sure.

diseases related to moving

And speaking of respiratory problems, again, by overexerting yourself you are thinning your immune system and making yourself vulnerable to diseases. For example, spending a few hours sweating over boxes might not hurt you, but that cold breeze over your bare sweaty neck might just do the trick – in that case a stiff back will be the least of your problems. Colds are a frequent problem amongst people who recklessly deal with their boxes and furniture, and then take a long cold drink of freezing water in the cool spring evening air. There is a general rule when it comes to moving home, and it says: don’t over think it, but don’t be a fool, either.

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Be prepared for all the challenges that a relocation may impose on you, and even for those you impose on yourself. Sometimes it’s just better to call a moving company and have them do the tough work – after all, they are professionals for a reason.  Leave the movers to do the physical work and save yourself the pain and strains that may manifest during your house relocation. You need to be smart above all else.

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