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05 August 2016
It Is Best To Hire Self Storage In Shoreditch When Planning A Temporary Move

It Is Best To Hire Self Storage in Shoreditch When Planning a Temporary Move

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Temporary moving presents some unique challenges compared to a regular move to Shoreditch. It is often a balancing act – there’s plenty of things you will need to survive, even in a temporary living situation, and probably plenty of things you will want, but you have to weigh this against the inconvenience of moving these items in and out of a home often and sometimes at short notice. Perhaps you are moving temporarily because you haven’t quite found your dream home but received on offer on your old property you can’t refuse, or perhaps it is to fulfil a short term work contract or student living – neither of which would require you to have all of your belongings with you. As such, perhaps self storage might be an option. When people think of storage lockers, they often think of dank boxes in the back alleys of the city with little or no protection. In the modern day, this couldn’t be further from the case. Here’s some reasons why N1 self storage could present a viable option for you.

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Firstly, the storage industry has been revolutionised recently. With more people travelling and seeking temporary solutions than ever, there are a number of storage locker solution companies in the N1 region, and this creates a competitive and high quality industry. Because these various companies are competing for your business, there are a number of perks and features to the majority of storage lockers that you may not have thought were available.

secure storage

It is important to look at how secure your possessions and items will be whilst in storage. There are a number of measures taken to make sure this is the case when your items are in storage in Shoreditch. Firstly, the areas where your goods are to be kept are well watched via security cameras, meaning that any tampering, attempted stealing and accidental damage will likely be caught on tape. Beyond this, you will be given a specific key or key card that means that only you and the company will have access to your locker. Also, regular patrols will be taken around most storage facility units that will aim to prevent any mishaps occurring. Even further, there is a large list of banned substances when looking at storing items in a locker in the E1 or E2 area, and many of these are banned for the purpose of trying to prevent damage to other lockers, or leaks that will potentially spill outside of the original locker.

comprehensive insurance

If all of this isn’t enough, comprehensive insurance is also offered at many N1 self storage facilities. This means that if anything does get damaged, despite the small chance of this actually happening, you are entitled to reimbursement for the damages (assuming it can be proved that it was done in there – so keep an itinerary and plenty of pictures!). All of this provides for one of the most secure environments you can find, and certainly beats having piled up boxes in the corner of your living room.

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It is also worth mentioning the convenience of this system. A simple phone call will reveal whether a storage facility in Shoreditch has a space that is appropriate size wise for your possessions, furniture, etc. (it will be extremely unlikely that they don’t) and you can book to get your items into the locker very quickly. Some companies will offer assistance, sometimes even vehicles on their end, to help you get the items into the locker quickly, and the vast majority will allow you to pay on a rolling weekly or monthly contract, meaning that you can cancel the storage at very short notice. This all adds up to a convenient and frugal way of storing your goods during a temporary living situation.

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