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05 August 2016
How to Transport Plants when Moving House to Watford

moving plants

We can spend years tending to our garden, making sure the plants and flowers grow and flourish. However, when we move, sometimes we feel our only option is the leave them behind and we’re destined to spend the rest of the move worrying about how the new owners will treat them. This doesn’t have to be the case and it is possible to bring our smaller plants and flowers to your new home in Watford. It’s best not to leave large shrubs, plants or trees until moving day, because you have enough to worry about, so try and organise moving your garden across to the new property either before or after moving day if you can.

DIY moving

In the car


If your plants, flowers or herbs are small and therefore kept in smaller pots, it’s possible to simply carry them with you to your new place in the WD1 district in your car. You can put an old towel or blanket across your lap and sit them there for the journey, or you can put them in the boot. If you choose to put them in the boot, make sure to keep them upright and put a blanket down to prevent your car from getting dirty. Make sure other items are packed around the pots to stop them from falling over.

Load plants in moving van

Removal van


If you have numerous plants or they’re particularly large, cut them out of the ground leaving around six inches of soil around them to ensure you keep as much of the plant’s roots in tact as possible. Make sure the soil is damp and then wrap the roots in plastic and stand the plant in a box, also lined with plastic. Have the removal company in Watford load these upright and last onto the removal van so that there’s less possibility of them getting squashed. Also pay attention to the weather: if it’s cold, wrap the roots thoroughly in bubble wrap to prevent frost from getting to them and if it’s hot, make sure you keep the soil and leaves damp to stop them from drying out.


If the plants are indoor plants and the pot is therefore decorative and delicate, make sure to wrap this in bubble wrap and blankets before the movers load it onto the van.


After digging up plants, trees and shrubs, it’s predictable that there will be some, if not quite a lot of root damage. Make sure you therefore tend to and heel your plants properly once they’re replanted at the new house in the WD1 area. Water, fertilise and feed the plants regularly to ensure they return to their best quickly.

relocating flowers



If you don’t want to move a whole bush, it is possible to grow a new one in your new home in WD2from a clipping. This is particularly affective with rose bushes. Simply take a clipping and, using a knife, shave away the outer layer a couple of inches from the end. Immediately plant it in some soil for transportation in order to keep it alive and damp. Plant it in a good place at the new house in Watford and water it as you would a normal bush.

moving gardening tools

Seeds and tools


Pack packets of seeds in a box, putting them in separate clear bags in case they get torn or split. If the seeds are loose, label the bags clearly and keep them all in the same, labelled box. Keep together with gardening tools so they’re all easy to find. Wrap the tools in bubbles wrap and cushion them well in the box with old blankets, towels or newspaper.

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