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21Jul 2014
How To Speed Up Your Move

speed up your move

No matter how big or small your move is it always helps to make it as quick possible. And while shoving things in boxes and worrying about it later may seem like a good idea in the short-run, it rarely is in the long-run. So if you want to make your move more efficient and less costly, below are a few simple changes which can help you on your way.

moving boxes

1.    Use Manageable Removal Boxes – While you may think that it is quicker to pack your things into as few boxes as possible, when it actually comes to lifting those boxes and loading them onto the van it can be a different matter. Over-sized or heavy boxes can be difficult to move and can seriously slow down your moving times. Remember to try lifting boxes while you’re packing to see how heavy they are, rather than filling them right to the top.

packing supplies

2.    Use Quality Packing Materials – Second-hand boxes are great if you’re trying to save money but make sure that you don’t over-pack them or fill them with things that they can’t handle. Soggy-bottomed boxes can leave you with broken possessions and additional packing time so sometimes quality packing boxes and parcel tape are the way to go.

furniture removals

3.    Disassemble Furniture Before You Move – Having lots of bulky furniture can make things difficult on moving day so disassembling it before you go can save a whole load of time. Dining tables, dressers and cupboards can often be taken apart quickly and efficiently. Not only does this make them easier to move but it also means that they take up less room on the delivery van so that there’ll be less trips for you to do.

clearance services

4.    Throw Away Anything You Don’t Need – Many people waste time moving furniture and personal items that they don’t even need. So why not have a complete clear out before you pack so that you can minimise your load and your moving trips. Unwanted valuables can be sold online, while other items can be given to friends or donated to charity. After your clear out, you might even be able to hire a smaller removal van with less professional movers.

moving checklist

5.    Be Prepared – To make your move as efficient as possible it is important to do everything that you can before the big day. Freezers should be defrosted, tiles cleaned, boxes packed and furniture wrapped, the less you have to do on moving day the less you will have to pay for van hire or moving men.

house movers

6.    Share The Load – Remember that when you move two people are better than one and three’s never a crowd. So if you have family, friends or even passers-by who can help then make the most of them while you can. Professional movers can help to put your mind at ease when moving expensive or fragile items and can even help with the packing if you’re running short of time.

removal van hire

7.    Use A Reliable Removals Van – If you’ve managed to get everything loaded in the moving van then it would be a mini disaster if it broke down en route to your new address. Not only could it put a spanner in the works, it could also cause damage to your personal items. Using a reputable van hire company can help to eliminate this sort of problem and can help to ensure that you get a clean and dry removals van to keep your items in a perfect condition.

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