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05 August 2016
How to Guarantee a Successful London Office Removal

How to Guarantee a Successful London Office Removal

office relocation

So you’ve found yourself a brand new office in London! Next stage: moving there. Moving office can be a very stressful time. Moving office in London can be even worse. Below are some hints and tip as to how to make your move as smooth as possible.

packing office items

When considering how an office move should be done, you need to be organised. As you pack up your desks and fill boxes with the things you need, try and label the boxes so you are clear on where to unpack them at the other end. You could label them on where they have come from and where they need to go. This way, you won’t lose anything, you can find things quickly at the other end and everything can be done quickly and efficiently.


Of course, to pack up your office you will need some help. If you want to be really professional you could use a removal company in London however this would cost you and may not be exactly how you want things to be done. For an easier, cheaper way you could gather a team of people from your office and set a day where everyone was available to chip in and help with the removal. This is easier said than done as everyone makes different arrangements, but even a bit of overlapping help would be a great improvement on getting things done.

inform institutions

Be sure to inform banks, post offices and most importantly staff members of the move. Everyone that needs to know should know, at least a week before moving in date. Give them a date of when you will be officially running the office from the new premises - this gives them a week to make arrangements and sort things out so they will be correct to the new office.

moving office on time

Be timely. Once you have set a deadline for the office moving in date you NEED to be working from the office by then. You should aim to have everything unpacked and set up two/three days before, then be testing to see all computers work on the same day. This allows another day or two (depending on how you get things done) to rectify any wrongs and make sure EVERYTHING is working and up to date, ready to be used on the first morning of the new office.

transfer phone number

If you want to keep the same phone number, make sure you get onto your phone provider FAST. Some providers in London can take several months to sort out something and if there is a problem this could take even longer. Make sure you to do the same with the internet - this needs to be sorted quickly as well however you may have the same phone/internet provider meaning you can kill two birds with one stone.

stress-free office removals

Remember all these things when moving your office and they should lead to a happy, less stressful move to your shiny new office in London. Good luck and happy moving!

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