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05 August 2016
Packing is Easy For Some Not So Easy For Others

House Removals to Sutton: Packing is Easy For Some Not So Easy For Others

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Getting started on a move to Sutton will feel like a bit of a tornado has hit you. There is so much to organize, get done and to arrange to be done, that it is hard to know when you’re ahead of the game, or falling seriously behind! If you are concerned that you do not know where you’re at, then get a decent list of everything together as a reference point throughout the moving process. This will help you to keep your cool no matter how things seem to be going, and you’ll be able to make reasoned decisions with an eye for keeping all of the details in check. One of the things that should be a major part of your list will be packing. It is important that there is again, a method to your madness with this process, as it can often feel like you are swimming upstream, just chucking things into boxes and hoping that it is all done as soon as possible.

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This is mainly down to how tedious the process can be if you are taking care of everything, but it is not nearly as tedious as shelling out hundreds of pounds to replace broken items. Many things during the SM1 based house removal will be done by others under your instruction, like the removals part for instance, but packing is part of the job where you will have to get your hands dirty, and unfortunately, this means that you will be charged with the responsibility of the job being a good one, as if anything breaks that has not been handled wrongly, the it is all your fault. For this reason, a lot of movers in Sutton are now refusing to insure items that were not packed by their own packing services in Sutton, SM1, as otherwise they are culpable for your shoddy work should anything break! This may seem like a bit of a scam, set about in order to get people to buy extra services from them, but it does also make sense, because of how dull packing is, and how easy it is to get it wrong. So, how should you be packing? Well, it’s all about having good materials and being clever with how much you use on certain items.

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Begin by buying a couple of extra things than that which you think you need at first. for instance, packing tape always runs out at the worst possible moment, usually half way through a box, and you won’t want to bother running down to the shops if you are in mid flow, so buy a couple of extra rolls. If you have left over tape, you will always find uses for it in the new place, and during the move its self, so there is nothing wrong with having it around the house. New boxes are essential, as they will not lose their shape like older ones may. Use bubble wrap sparingly, and use newspaper to fill in the gaps between items in their boxes. Making everything lock together as well as possible will be key to making sure that nothing rattles about in the boxes whilst being transported to your new home in the SM2 area, which should prevent breakages in the van. Putting a sheet of newspaper between porcelain items, like plates and bowls will stop them scratching each other, but be careful if you are using real newspapers, because they can get their ink on certain materials, which will ruin some of your nicer crockery!

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