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05 August 2016
Hire SE1 Man and Van when Moving to a New Neighbourhood

Hire SE1 Man and Van when Moving to a New Neighbourhood

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There are a host of reasons why hiring a man and van is a good idea to assist with your move across the city. Though a full blown removal company is perhaps the more common and more established way to hire professional help for your move, this doesn’t mean it is the most suitable for your specific needs. The SE1 man with a van industry is one that is thriving, many people who thought it was an easy industry get into find out it is actually a competitive and high quality service. A man and van SE1 can be a convenient and frugal way to approach your move, and here are a few reasons why this is the case.

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Firstly, moving across London to a new neighbourhood might mean that you aren’t exactly clear on the route you are going to be taking. Even if you know the road you currently live on and are going to live on, the roads in between may well not be able to support a full scale lorry with all of your possessions. Neither you nor the removal company will have passed The Knowledge, so it is important to try and cut the risk of further complications. Whereas lorries may have difficulty manoeuvring through certain parts of the city, an SE1 man and van is less likely to have this issue. A smaller vehicle may well be to your benefit.

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Furthermore, the informality of a man and van could well be advantageous to you. Many removal companies will have to take advanced bookings, require face to face valuations and inspections of your property and belongings and in general take a long time to actually solidify in your calendar. When you may be unclear on the day you can actually move, this makes booking a removal company a difficult task. With a man and van, this isn’t the case. Usually a few days notice alongside the locations you wish to move to and from is all that is required, and one you have given him this information no task is too small or too large for them.

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Beyond this, a man and van service is often a frugal option compared to a full blown SE1 removal service. Many man and van companies are available for an average of 20 pounds an hour, with an extra man to help with removals being just an extra 10 pounds an hour. Some companies will look to charge by the mile travelled or a flat out day fee, but they all equate to around this price. Furthermore, though being cheaper, they don’t try and offer a cheap service. Insurance is often provided (though it is important to read the small print for each individual company to check this) meaning that any damages suffered to your goods whilst in transport or in the removal process can be claimed back. This also means that the removal man will want to take care of your possessions to avoid paying this charge.

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Man and van services offer a competitive service that can compete with a full scale removal service on many different levels. They offer a service that is not only cheaper than removal services, but also more convenient and often more personal. It is rare that you can complete a move entirely by yourself, so hiring assistance does seem like a sensible choice for many – but the cost and idea of hiring lorries and entire teams of men can be a bit daunting and perhaps over the top. The man and van can strike a happy medium to ensure a smooth and successful move.

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