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03Sep 2015
Ever Considered Moving to Croydon?

Removals to Croydon

Croydon is becoming a more and more popular place to live thanks to its wonderful properties and sites of interest. Located less than ten miles away from Charing Cross Station, Croydon is a fantastic location for those who want to stay close to the city of London. With so much to offer both its residents and tourists, Croydon is a truly unique and spectacular place to live.

The area is well known for its commercial and retail links, and is home to one of the largest shopping districts in London. Identified as one of London’s 11 major metropolitan centres in the London Plan, Croydon is a busy and bustling environment for both families and individuals. It was once home to the largest shopping centre in the whole of London – the Whitgift Centre, though this was a title that was unfortunately lost with the development of another shopping mall in 2008. The Whitgift Centre remains one of the highlights of Croydon, and is a popular place for those with a passion for shopping.

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Croydon isn’t just famous for its commercial properties and shopping centres; it’s also well known for its stunning buildings and examples of architecture. There are many Grade listed buildings within the area, including the Croydon Minister Parish Church, a Grade-I listed building with truly remarkable architecture, first mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. Other noteworthy buildings include the Grade II-listed Croydon Baptist Church and the Grade I-listed Whitgift Hospital.

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Alongside Croydon’s traditional and historical buildings are many new additions to the thriving area. These include the Fairfields Halls art centre and event venue, The Warehouse Theatre and the Croydon Clocktower arts centre. Although The Warehouse Theatre closed its doors in 2012, major redevelopments are in place, ensuring this popular youth theatre will be re-opening very soon. These spaces attract hundreds of visitors every week, helping to maintain the cultural and thriving environment that is Croydon.

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It’s easy to travel around Croydon thanks to its public transport systems, and reaching the centre of London for work or pleasure is just as simple! Croydon is served by the Croydon Tramlink for fast public transport that won’t disappoint. Croydon is also home to two railway stations – the East Croydon and West Croydon railway stations. It couldn’t be faster to reach the heart of London, with most journeys taking less than twenty minutes. Along with its many bus routes and services for easy access to the whole of London, getting to your destination couldn’t be easier if Croydon is your place of residence! This is a large contributing factor to people moving to and settling in the area.

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Croydon may be known for its commercial status, but it’s also one of the greenest areas in London. Over 8% of London’s green parks and open spaces are accounted for in this district, providing lots of natural expanses for walking, exercise and play. One of the most beautiful spaces is Queen’s Gardens, a landscaped area found near to the Clocktower arts centre.

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Croydon is simply a fantastic and unique place to call home, with a rich history and an exciting future. Its many schools and colleges make it the ideal place to move to and raise a family, and with green and open spaces along with its commercial properties and close proximity to the centre of London, the area has the perfect blend of city and suburban living. If you’re looking for a home in London, Croydon is the place to be!

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