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16Jul 2015
A Student's Guide to a Moving in Wimbledon

student removals

It always comes to a point when it’s time to move from your trusty home in Wimbledon or accommodation and are ready for a new space. Hopefully it’s going to be a new and exciting start and you can’t wait to get a move on. Obviously with most of your money going towards your education, you don’t want to be spending too much, if anything on your relocation. This guide will help you see where to skimp and where to fork out if you have to.

• What do you really need? If you have a space in Wimbledon, SW19 to store your stuff such as a relative’s home then it’s a good idea to leave any large items there. Most places you move to will be already furnished and there is no point in spending a lot of money on rented accommodation that you might not stay in for a long time. Removals and storage can be expensive so if you have a free option then stick to it.

organising removals

• Use a suitcase for your items. So what you really need are essentials, clothes and any bits and bobs you might want. You should be able to easily fit these into a suitcase that will be easy to manoeuvre around especially if it has wheels. If you don’t have one then I am sure you have a friend who has one or two you can borrow. This easy way to move will save you on hiring a moving company and buying expensive boxes.

packing a suitcase

• Get your friends to help. Friends and family are always your most useful tool when it comes to a move in SW20. Especially if there is a car involved. This will also make things a bit easier if you have more stuff to transport around. You will save a lot of money on not hiring a man and van if you can just get the support of your friends. Even if you are forced to travel by public transport then it will be made much easier if there are a few of you to lift your cases. You will feel much more confident having people around you as well. Even if they are just there for the moral support rather than the heavy lifting, they will come in handy.

removal help

• Packing and unpacking. When it comes to packing, make sure you leave yourself plenty of time. Packing only gets out of control when it’s left until the last minute, planning ahead, making a moving checklist and giving yourself plenty of time will allow for you to keep calm when getting ready for your move in the SW19 area. Make sure when unpacking you allow yourself to relax and get excited about your new space. This is the fun part so enjoy!

packing and unpacking

• Hiring movers. If you find that you simply are unable to move things yourself, then you might want to start researching local removal companies in Wimbledon. Finding cheap removals should be easy as long as you do plenty of research and call around different places to find out the best quotes offered. If you are only dealing with small removals then you can expect the price to be pretty reasonable and it maybe the best way to go in order to take some of the stress out of moving.

hire movers

Getting everything in place is all part of making yourself feel at home, so don’t worry if you want things to happen quickly and smoothly. As long as you plan well ahead then you will be well on your way to inviting all your friends round and enjoying your new space.

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