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08Jun 2015
A Removals Company Or A Man And Van - What Should You Choose in Barnes?

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A professional removals company or a man and van service in Barnes? Which way do you go? It depends on many different factors, all of which are going to be mentioned below. There are advantages and disadvantages to both but mainly it all depends on what you need when you are relocating. So don’t go away, stay here, and read through all of these factors to see which option would suit you best when you move to a new home or office.

1.    How big or small is your move?
So, how big is your move to Barnes, SW13 going to be? Is it a full house worth of belongings that would fill up a huge truck or just a room full of things or a few pieces of furniture? If it’s a big move, it would be better to use a full removals service because they have the equipment and the movers to deal with large-scale moving and they are going to be able to handle it better than you can. If it’s a small move and your belongings would fit into a medium-sized van, a man and van service would be ideal for you.

house removals size
2.    How much do you want to pay?
You also have to consider your budget. Big companies in SW14 do charge a lot because there’s a lot more work involved. They label and size everything up and time, of course, means money. If you only have a small budget, it’s probably not a good idea to use a professional moving company. Instead, either hire a van or use a man and a van service. This service is cost effective and not too time consuming either. It’s pretty down to Earth and is growing more and more popular every day.

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3.    How much time do you have?
As mentioned above, a full service in the SW15 area can take hours and hours and not a lot of people have that amount of time on their hands. Whereas a man with a van service is much less time consuming. So this would definitely be the service to choose if you don’t have much time and don’t want your move to take too long, either.

house moving time frame

4.    How much work do you want to do?
Are you happy to get stuck in and do lots of lifting, loading and unloading? When you hire a man and van service in Barnes, if you only choose to hire one man, you might have to help with the lifting and loading. It will be cheaper, but it is often better to either hire more than one man and a van, or go for a full removals service. So it depends on how much work you are happy to do. Alternatively, if you want to let someone else do all the work, it would definitely be a better option for you to hire a professional company for a full service. They have a team of experts who will do absolutely everything for you – from planning to packing to sizing up to loading and unloading. So decide on how much work you want to do first.

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It can be a hard decision but take these factors into consideration and they might make the decision a little bit easier for you. Moving is stressful but you can take that stress away by ensuring you choose the right type of removals assistance. Would you prefer a full removal service or a down-to-earth man and a van? You decide. Ask yourself the questions above and see which would suit you the best.

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