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17 June 2016
7 Peculiar Things You Learn When You Move to London

moving to London

If you think that a place as familiar as London cannot surprise you, you are living in a very wrong state of mind. If you are just coming to London, then prepare for quite a few surprises. Once your man and van drops you off and you unload all your boxes from the removal van, you are in for some treats. And not all of them will be sensible. London is a place just as absurd as the rest of the world and at times it can be just as ridiculous as it is popular. It’s just one of those things you want to learn to live with when your relocation there is complete.


1. Forget about fantasies about commuting with a car.


Even if you do find a nice flat in London’s outskirts and you have a car and you decide on commuting, that’s a bad idea. London has so many cars and so much traffic, and even annual events and festivals (and there are quite a few of those!) – they will all be in your way to work. Being late will not be a rare occurrence.

London traffic

 2. You will quickly learn to prep sandwiches for most outings.


London is a city with such a vast scale that if you go out to explore it, you will quickly ‘run out of juice’, so to speak. Always pack sandwiches so that you can sit and munch on them at any time. Don’t bother if you are going near convenient stores and supermarkets, of course – they already know this secret.


prepare sandwiches


3. Always remember, manners matter.


Shockingly enough, while you can be as lewd and as open with your mates, you will need to keep a strict etiquette anywhere else. UK likes manners and London likes them the most. Punctuality is included in the manners deal, so do try to be reliable to your business or personal partners.

relocation to London


4. Browsing the City: so many pubs, so little time.


London is quite known for all its pubs. But you don’t actually know how many pubs it has until you start living there. Pubs are everywhere! Every borough has areas with at least several pubs, and many of them have unique stories apart from the amazing atmosphere to offer.

London pubs


5. The Royal mania: Have YOU heard about the Queen?


You know London is where the Queen is at. But you had no idea just how obsessed Londoners are with that Queen. Englishmen love the Royal Family and Londoners love them most of all. You will hear news about the Queen every time she pokes her nose outside of Buckingham Palace, and that will start soon after your man with van removals are complete.

Royal family


6. Student discounts: a great place to study.


London is marvellous to students. One of many reasons for a relocation here as a student is because of all the benefits you get. There are student discounts for practically everything. All you have to do is study hard and try to remain one before your professionalism sweeps you away.

London museums


7. See the museums, see the knowledge, know the world.


London is among the best places to be if you want to learn more about the world. This is where you can see some of the best museums in the world, and here’s the kicker – you get to see them for free! Council –owned museums such as the British Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the Science Museum don’t have an entry fee and you get to see all the secrets they hide at any time! Just be careful not to get trampled by tourists.


London is a surprising city. There are numerous other little things it can show you, you just have to stick around and get to know them. This way moving home to London will seem about as appealing as you first thought it would be when you saw that ad for the rentable flat. As long as you can afford it, be adventurous and go see what the London crowd offers.

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