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21 June 2018
5 Space-saving Tips for Packing When Moving

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Ok, so you’ve decided to move. That’s great. You and your family are all excited. But at the same time, it’s fair to assume that you’re dreading the process. After the excitement wears off, you suddenly realise that you’ve got an awful lot to do. A lot of people find it tough trying to pack everything into their schedules. As moving day draws ever closer and you realise you haven’t started to address the important aspects of the move, the stress levels get ever greater. There’s hiring a removal company or a man with a van. There’s booking removal services then sorting out other aspects of your home removals task, things you’ll need to address along the way when you’re safely moved in.

That might take up a lot of your thought processes when moving house. But before you even get to that stage, you’ve got to prepare for your move. That means packing, preparing your items for the upcoming domestic removal. One thing a lot of people find tough when packing is packing everything into as less space as possible. Sure, you can’t really do much about larger items such as sofas. But there are measures you can take which will save you space. Save space and you may even be able to hire a smaller removal van. This could save you some much-needed cash.
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1. Don’t take everything along with you

Make sure you know what you’ve already got at your new place. Is it fully furnished? Does it have furniture, all the relevant bits of equipment all fully functioning? If so, there’s no point bringing everything along with you. You won’t need two of the same things. Use your move as an opportunity to have a bit of a clear out. If you’re a bit of a hoarder, use this as a time to chuck things away. Chuck away things you don’t use and never will. It’ll save you from lugging unnecessarily items along with you.

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2. Use bags

Using bags in addition to boxes is a great way of saving a load of space. Big bulky boxes take up a lot of space. Sure, moving boxes are necessary. They’re ideal to pack away expensive or delicate items, things that need a bit more protection and support. But items like clothes and pillows don’t need to be put in boxes. Stuff them away in bags. The bags can then be pushed into any available nook and cranny in the moving vehicle. 
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3. Some of your items can have a double usage

There’s no point just stuffing everything into boxes. Do this and you’ll be out of space in no time. Chances are you’re going be taking some containers with you, Tupperware etc. Don’t pack these into boxes. Use them as boxes. Pack things away into your containers. That goes for things like a desk of drawers, tables with storage. Use the storage available. This will mean there’s less for you to put in boxes.
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4. Use towels and clothing

Purchasing packing materials can be expensive. A lot of people buy padding and fillers. You may need to do so too. But before getting out your credit card, try using items you have at home as fillers. Clothes, towels, bed sheets etc. are great for use as fillers. They’ll protect items and stop them jiggling around when in transit.

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5. Roll clothing

You can save a great deal of space by rolling clothing instead of folding them. You can roll clothing around items too, such as glasses, so that they double up as protection.

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