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05 August 2016
Moving furniture to Highbury: The Correct Way

moving furniture

Moving furniture to Highbury the correct way is tricky and challenging due to having different sized furniture as well as trying to take care of the removals process, yourself. The best and correct way is to hire a removal company that specializes in furniture which will enable you to have trust that moving into your new house will go according to plan. Moving furniture is not like moving any other items because they can be moved by yourself as well in your car. Your fragile items that you own such as your television, your dining table and chairs as well as your beds and sofas are large items that require the correct type of handling, in order to reach their new destination; safely.


There are a few ways that will ensure and enable your house removals to the N5 region to go swiftly. Follow the pointers below and your furniture may even arrive in better condition than you do!

moving inventory

•    The first thing that a company will do is create a moving checklist for you in order to determine what items actually need moving to Highbury. The reason the company does this is because if you phone up and say “I have a dining table and chairs to move”, it doesn’t give them the estimate of how large the table may be, if it can be compacted and if the chairs can be flat packed. A home survey is important to avoid any last minute panic or mishaps. The removals representative will make a list of thorough notes that he/she will pass onto the team who will come out to you, on the day of the removals.

furniture movers

•    The furniture removals company will make an in-depth assessment of what size and how many items need moving and often come back to you within a few days, with an estimated quote. Most companies in N1 are great enough to inquire about your budget beforehand, to help them put together a quote that would make choosing them as your primary removals company, quite the breeze. Being considerate of your budget also means they are a company that puts their client’s needs as top-priority ensuring your care and satisfaction is at the front of their list.

furniture removals

•    Packing and loading your furniture is probably the most important out of all the tips simply because this depends on a two-fold of the removals team in the NW1 area that actually come to pack and load the furniture, as well as the materials. You should always inquire the representative on how well the team has been trained to handle large furniture because all it can take is one wrong step, and something fragile that you can have had for years, can break or shattered in an instant.  

moving van

•    Delivering and unloading your furniture at the new residence also again comes down to the team handling your belongings. Sometimes, in transit everything goes well and then when the professionals start to unload all the stuff in Highbury, at the last minute; something can break. Unloading has to be done tentatively and carefully, putting the furniture in the designated areas of the new house because if the furniture is placed in the wrong part of the house during an offload, it may cost you both financially and health wise to try and move it to another room. In this process, you might be tempted to do it yourself and with that suffer a sprain or an injury if the piece of furniture drops, or you haven’t lifted it correctly; on your back.

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