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28 September 2016
How to Save Time during House Relocation

save time during removals


Moving to a new home might be an exciting life event, but it can also put your patience and time- management skills to the test. With so many things to tackle and such a tight schedule, relocating often feels like a race against the clock. Knowing how to save time for a move is vital if you want to spare yourself the stress and the mishaps. Here are some time-efficient tips that will help you preserve your sanity during the house removal process.


plan domestic removals


Craft a plan

Start at least 60 days before the move and make a week-by-week checklist to keep track of the moving-related tasks. The jobs you need to complete further from moving day might not seem important to you now, but sticking to your schedule will prevent any last minute problems. Time will be scarce as the day of the move approaches, so be diligent and persistent with these tasks.






Just think of all the stuff you need to wrap, pack, fit in the moving van and then unpack. Sounds like a lot of work. The more you own the more complicated and time-consuming the move will be. If an item doesn’t add up to your life or is not necessary in your new place, why waste time packing it? Sort through your possessions and give away the unwanted stuff.


house movers


Find a quality removal company


Instead of going for a company that offers you a too-good-to-be-true rate, pick a trustworthy and experienced man and van service. Unreliable movers will cost you money and time if you need to recoup any lost goods. Research the man with van company well before hiring it.


packing material


Get plenty of packing supplies


The last thing you want on your big day is running out of packing supplies. Be sure you have enough wrapping materials, tape and boxes at hand. Gather your supplies, cutters and markers early in the process. If you are running short on budget and time, you can use items you already have at home such as plastic containers, pillows, towels and newspapers to protect the fragile goods.


packing services


Pack smart


A good packing system will save you a lot of time when you arrive at your new place. Make things easier by having all your boxes placed in the right room. You can also come up with a “colour code” system to ensure that each box goes in the right place. Sketch a floor plan of your new home with each room labelled and put it at a place where the movers can see it.


packing essentials


Have a moving survival kit


If you don’t want to dig through your boxes in order to find your medicines and other necessities, pack a box will all of the essentials and keep it at hand. You can put in it toiletries, towels, snacks, important documents and other things you may need the first couple of days after you move in.



moving appliances


Prep the home for moving out


Before you leave your house, unplug all lighting fixtures and appliances if you're planning to take them with you. Clear the paths from your home to the moving van. Check what items are not collected by the removal company. Movers may refuse to take perishables, flammable items and plants.

house renovations


Update your home while still empty


Clean, paint or renovate your new home before moving your possessions in. It is much easier to wash the floors, dust the baseboards and vacuum when you don’t have furniture and boxes getting in your way. If you are planning any home improvements, you should be done with the project at least a week before the house removals.

check the floor plan


Check your floor plan


Knowing how you want to arrange your furniture in advance will save you lot of time later when you move in. Make a floor plan of your new place and if possible visit the house before the move. Take measures to see if the furniture pieces will fit through the doors.


Moving house is smooth and easy when you manage your time efficiently.

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