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13Mar 2015
Useful Tips for First-Time Movers

moving for the first time

If you’re considering, or have already begun, moving house for the first time, you may not be aware of what goes into ensuring the experience comes off without a hitch. After all, first impressions count! Why let your first impression of a new home be tainted by removal woes? By taking a little time to learn about the ins and outs of such an undertaking, you can save yourself a lot of hours, stress and energy. It’s understandable to let excitement get the better of us, and sometimes we find ourselves rushing in too fast when a situation might instead demand we choose our steps carefully. This concise guide should act as an introductory primer to all those new movers asking how best to start their relocation with a bang!

make a moving checklist

•    Take Stock

It’s going to take a lot to turn a new place into a comfortable home. Of course, you’re going to have to know what you’re taking with you to achieve this. No-one likes sitting in a bare house as things are slowly arranged to fill it. By tackling what you already have and what you may need, organising these considerations can seem quick and easy. Try making a removals checklist, and crossing off items you already have whilst highlighting what might need to be bought or replaced. You never know, you could even find some old and forgotten treasures along the way!

book removal services

•    Make Arrangements Before Your Move

It would be advisable to get in contact with the providers of your services such as internet, phone lines and television connections. This can save any annoying hiccups that could stifle your enjoyment of moving. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to arrive at that new home with everything set and ready to use? With a little planning and forethought, this can be easily achieved. Try to arrange your removals transport well in advance, and make sure people know about your move! Work, banks and, of course, family and friends all need to know where you are – some might even be able help make your move easier!

secure packing

•    Safety and Security

Only one thing is worse than waiting for an empty new home to be filled, and that’s losing or breaking what you do have in transit. This can be easily avoided by looking into the best and most secure packing supplies for your possessions. Unless you pack things correctly, it’s almost inevitable (and definitely never a surprise) that at least some of your items will arrive damaged. Through taking that extra time with packing, and what you use to do the job, you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary cost and strain. It can also be a good idea to look into storage options if you find yourself with some things you simply can’t bring along, but are far too cherished to leave. Such a facility will make it their responsibility to protect them until such time as you can accommodate them again. This way you can be sure they’re in vigilant care.

moving company

•    Look for Help

Not only is there no shame in looking for outside assistance with your move, but it may be the only way you can be assured of a successful process. Removals companies are trained and highly skilled in such operations, and can provide you with both packing supplies and reliable storage facilities. Perhaps their most important function, however, is in their provision of professional Man and Van hires. With their tried and tested knowledge, and expert driving, taking advantage of such a hire is the only way to tie together all of relocation’s loose ends.

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