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05 August 2016
The International Move to St. John’s Wood

The International Move to St John’s Wood

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So your new home will be in the London area of St John’s Wood? Get ready for quite a few new things to get used to in London. An international house move is without doubt the most challenging and the most expensive one. It can take months to get fully prepared for it and every minute of it can be completely overwhelming. Many people who move house internationally have the strange thought that they are constantly forgetting something. This is usually because there are too many moving details to keep in mind.

moving checklist

The key to staying organized (whether it’s for a few weeks or months) is by having lists for everything – a checklist of tasks to do throughout the move, an inventory list of all the items that have to be packed, a list of the packing supplies that have to be bought, a budget list that includes all costs, expenses and additional fees, a list of the people involved in the move along with their contact information, a list of things to buy for the new home and so on and so forth. Figuring out in the very beginning that this is the proper way to organize such a move will help you manage much easily.

moving abroad

One of the things many people who move house to the NW8 region should realize, whether cross-country or internationally, is that relocations aren’t just about the logistics. A house move to a foreign country brings with itself many changes to one’s lifestyle that can be hard to cope with. One of these major changes is the language – if you don’t speak the native language you’d better start learning it as soon as possible. Another change is the commuting and transport differences. London is a big and busy city where most people go to work with the underground (known in England as the tube), not with their cars. Having a car in London is not even that necessary. You might have to get used to living in a smaller house or flat, because the rents and prices of property in London are some of the highest in Europe. Keep in mind these things and try to deal with the emotional side of the relocation too. If you are moving with your children, you have to start looking for a new school a few months in advance. No matter what time of the year it is, you need to ensure that your children won’t miss out because you haven’t done the necessary research on time.

save money

Prepare an adequate budget for the move to NW3 and don’t forget that you’ll need some money to spend after the relocation too. Your new home in NW6 might not be your dream house just yet, so it is your task to invest in it. For an international move make sure that you have a full coverage and don’t pay in advance. Book your flights a few months earlier so you don’t end up paying the highest fare. Think carefully about what items you will pack in your luggage – documents, personal belongings, essential items, valuables and fragile items.

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With a good checklist and a proper schedule your international move to St John’s Wood will go professionally, damage and stress-free. Embrace the changes and get ready for London and your new life – full of opportunities and chances.

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