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11 July 2016
Packing Your Home? What About The Garage?

move garage contents


You packed your entire household and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. There is only one thing left – to load up your garage and storage shed goods. With so many odd items, appliances and stuff that won’t fit in the boxes, the process may take more time and efforts than you think. It is important to know how to prepare your goods before the moving day and to ensure that nothing would spill, leak or fall, damaging the rest of your belongings.


What to Move


Start by going through your goods and deciding what you will take with you and what you will give away or sell. For short-distance relocation it makes more sense to move most of your possessions than repurchasing them later. If you are downsizing to a smaller place or home with no yard, you simply won’t need some of the items like a lawn mower. You also need check with the moving company and get a list of items that are not allowed in the vehicle. For example, the movers may refuse to take harmful materials like gasoline and propane cylinders for safety issues. Fertilizers, pesticides, oil paints and other stuff that may spill during the transportation also fall into the same category.


moving home


Fuel-powered Equipment


Power tools are usually awkward, heavy and hard to pack. These items should be safely drained of all hazardous liquid beforehand such as gas and oil from lawn mowers, chain saws and weed whackers. Secure the lawn mower blades and grills with protective covers. All attachments should be removed and stored individually.


relocate fuel-powered equipment




Hand tools – Corral together tools with same length and secure them with cord or plastic tabs. Place screwdrivers, pliers and hammers in a tool box or cardboard box that can be taped. Fill the empty space with crushed paper and follow the general packing rules. Use smaller cartons for heavy items. In this way you won’t be tempted to put too many bulky goods in one place. Use old towels or tape to wrap any sharp-edged tools.


move hand tools


Long-handled tools – bundle together the shovels, rakes brooms and other long-handled tools. Remove any attachments and pack separately.


moving long-handled tools


Patio Furniture


Clean the patio furniture thoroughly and dismantle as much as possible to facilitate transportation. Stack the chairs together and pack pads in a large box. You can also place them in clear garbage bags and use them to cushion other stuff in the removal van. Wait until dry and wrap the umbrella in a plastic bag or paper padding.


patio furniture removals




Dispose the unused charcoal and remove the empty propane tank, because it cannot be transported in the moving van.


move the grill


Outdoor Equipment


Dismantle garden sheds, swinging sets and TV antennas that you plan take with you. Collect all small parts in a separate bag and attach it to the corresponding equipment.


relocating outdoor equipment


Pots and Planters


Plants are among the things that most moving companies won’t take. You may need to find alternative method to transport your greenery. Clean the pots and wrap them well to prevent unsightly cracks and chips. Mark large planters and planter boxes as heavy items.


relocation of pots




If you are not driving your car to your new home, you may need to consult with your man and van company about the best way to relocate your vehicle. Renting a trailer is a great option, especially if you have more than one vehicle. For other motorized vehicles like motorcycles, jet skis, boats, etc. you need talk to your moving consultants.


shipping a car


With the right strategy and a bit of effort, you can ensure that your garage goods will arrive in one piece!

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