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05 August 2016
Move to Hampstead Using Storage Containers

Move to Hampstead Using Storage Containers

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While you are planning your move to Hampstead you will be considering how you are going to move, whether you are going to hire a van or pay a removal company.  The problem with this is that you either need to pay much more for a removal service, or you hire a van and have to do all the work yourself.  If neither of these options suit you, why not consider a storage container.

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What is a Storage Container:

Once you have found a well-established and reputable storage container company you will need to call them and arrange for them to deliver a storage container to you.  This is a container that can be placed somewhere on your property, such as your garden.  You sort through your house room by room and in your own time, filling the storage container with the belongings you wish to take with you while disposing, recycling, donating, selling or throwing away the things you do not want. Once your container is full you can arrange for it to be collected and be replaced with another one, the NW6 company will usually keep one on standby for you.

Benefits of storage containers:

Using a storage container in Hampstead over a removals company is beneficial for a number of reasons:

house viewing

•    It allows you to prepare your home for viewings, you can de-clutter your home and store away some of the things you do want to move to your new house in NW11, but do not want on display in your home.  The guide to preparing your home for viewings has always stated to keep your house light and clutter free, remove personal belongings such as family photographs etc.

•    Storage containers are secured by your with your own key, therefore you can be sure that your belongings are safe.

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•    Storage container companies also offer storage facilities, so if you have some things that you cannot move to your new home but do not want to part with, you can ask for that specific container to be stored for you instead of being transported to your new property.

•    You can pack and unpack at your own pace, if you aren’t in the final stages of buying your new property in the NW3 district you can take your time and pack properly, a storage container helps you to do this.

house relocation

•    You don’t have to worry about loading and unloading the van on removals day, which is usually what takes up the time and causes both stress and damage to your things.  Furthermore, if for some reason you have an overlap where you can access both your old and new property, you can start moving in before the actual moving day, to make it easier for yourself.

•    If you are moving into a property that is having some work done on it, for example, a room is being re-decorated or even built, then you may need some of the things designated for that to be stored for a week or two.  A storage container company in Hampstead can store your things for however long you need and will return them to you as soon as you request.  Alternatively, if you are going to be decorating or re-carpeting the house before moving in, and want all the furniture except for the essentials leaving out, a container company will be able to help.

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•    Storage containers are cheaper than a removals company, because you can work at your own pace it is much less stressful and because you will be doing it all yourself you don’t have to put your trust in someone else that they are going to pack your belongings safely and securely.

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