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23Apr 2014
Man With a Van Or Regular Removals - Which Is Right For You?

man with a van

For those who are about to move home, you might well discover that the huge array of different removal services which are out there make finding the one which is right for you even harder. For those who need to get the best possible experience at the best possible price, finding the right solution might seem to be far tougher than it has any right to be. But it doesn’t have to be like this. For those who are about to embark on a house move, it could well be that you could benefit hugely from hiring something other than the regular removals services. A man with a van offers a fantastic alternative which can provide the same kind of quality moving experience but at a fraction of the cost.

removals scale

When it comes to deciding which service is right for you, there are a number of important considerations. Taking these into account can ensure that you get the right service to suit your needs. The first, and perhaps the most important of these considerations is the scale of your moving experience. While regular removal lorries might remain the best option for larger moving solutions, when it comes to those smaller to medium sized moves, a man and van can be absolutely well suited to the task. With the ability to offer the same kind of expertise and quick resolutions as a traditional service, the smaller scale does limit the kind of customers which can enjoy the service. For those who are considering the man and van as an option, consider how much you need to transport and then give your local service provider a call. Doing this will mean that you can get an expert’s view on whether what you have will fit into the van and whether you will be able to reap the rewards which this service has to offer.

moving house

Another important consideration is whether you have any specialist items which might require extra attention. For some people who are moving home, antiques and delicate items can present a particular challenge which need to be overcome if the move is to be entirely successful. As such, when it comes to these more complex and dedicated services, it can help to hire in the kind of expertise which really makes a difference. So, depending on your moving requirements, you could well find that you might be better suited to a regular removal service in a number of very specific situations.

moving day

Another vital concern when assessing whether a man and van is right for your move is the time frame in which you conduct the process. For those who are looking towards long term solutions and planning well ahead, regular options can be fine. But those short-term services can often be better suited to a van and man kind of solution. Because of the nature of the service, the ability to operate in a more flexible nature means that you needn’t have to book months in advance and that you will not have to book the week off work in order to plan the entire thing. When it comes to efficiency, the man and a van solution is an excellent choice.

removal service prices

For many, however, the choice will simply come down to a matter of pricing. Because the man and van services is so much cheaper than traditional removals, people can save a huge amount of money when it comes to moving home. This only works in those situations where the service is suitable however. If you are looking for the right service for a smaller move; if you want a flexible and cost effective solution, then the man with a van could be perfect for you.

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