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05 August 2016
Find Ways To Save Money When Moving To Harringay

Find Ways To Save Money When Moving To Harringay

save money on removal services 

Moving can be an expensive process. In a large, urban city such as London, prices tend to rocket as the price of living is much higher than that in more rural areas. Moving to Harringay can equate to the cost of a limb and no one wants to spend this much. Looking for solutions on how to save money? Read on.

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You may think you need to buy everything but stop for a second and think. Instead of going to a large company in the N4 area that specialise in moving materials and charge the world, have a little peruse over where you could get boxes and bubble wrap. Friends? Family? Supermarkets? Maybe you already have some hidden away somewhere in your attic. Always check with everyone you know before spending money on expensive resources you could find elsewhere for free. Supermarkets are always good- you could catch them before they throw the boxes out or you could go in and make a request for them to save you some. Sticky tape and bubble wrap may be harder to come by however but you would still save some money after not buying boxes.

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The next thing you will consider is moving boxes from one place to the other. There are various things you could do to accomplish this. You could go all out and hire some removal men in Harringay to come and take the furniture and boxes. You could hire a van to drive yourself however this may take longer than if you hired a fleet of removal vans…it may be cheaper though. This would allow you to easily transport large items of furniture. Alternatively you could gather a team of friends and family and ask them to help you transport your boxes-some may own a van themselves and others may just have large cars capable of taking larger items of furniture. Of course, you could use a combination of all of these. You could hire one removal van for large items and have some friends transfer boxes-the possibilities of how to organise the move are endless however asking people you know to assist will be cheaper - unless they ask for petrol!

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When you move house to the N8 region, if it is for the first time especially or maybe to somewhere bigger than your previous, you may need new furniture. Items such as wardrobes, sofas, televisions and large household items can be expensive to buy, some amounting to thousands. There are ways to combat all this spending of money. Once again, people you may know might have some old curtains, or maybe a bedside table in their shed or attic that they no longer need. If you are lucky, they will hand them over free of charge. Failing this, they will charge you a cheap rate for them. There are other places to look for furniture in Harringay - charity shops are especially helpful. Granted, some things you see may be (in your opinion) not worth the price being sold or not up to scratch to buy but if you search around you will definitely find what you are looking for. Broaden your search and try every charity shop you can think of. Another place to investigate is car boot sales, auctions, or second hand furniture shops. Not all of these places are cheap as such but if you frequently look you can get some really good bargains. Stick with your second hand buys for a while and you could save and replace them with something new!

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Moving house to Harringay and the N4 district doesn’t have to be expensive, as the above points have proven. Remember to always think about what you have and what you could get from where-use the resources that are in front of you, rather than searching to find something you already have.

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