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05 August 2016
Ideas for Efficient Removal to Dulwich

Ideas for Efficient Removal to Dulwich

house removal

Moving house is widely regarded as one of life’s worst endurance sports. For many it can put the idea of even buying a new place inDulwich out of perspective, but it need not be doom and gloom all the time, and with a few helping hands by way of removal ideas, you may even find your self looking forward to the move and getting started in your new home!

organise relocation

Planning is probably your most important first step. You need to give yourself as much time as possible and do as many things as you can before the move to the SE21 area, to make the amount of things you need to get done on the day less. Things like visiting your new place and checking for repairs and cleaning that needs to be done will save you having to get it sorted at the last minute after you have arrived. Have the locks changed before the move so that your trades men are not battling each other for space, you don’t want your removal man stepping on the toes of the locksmith, or neither will get a good job done! Have the boiler looked at by a CORGI approved specialist, who can ascertain as to whether your new place will be up and running with heating and hot water immediately, you don’t want your family to be caught out in the cold!

redirect mail

Organize the mail redirection before the actual move, but only just before, maybe the day before the actual moving day, so that you don’t miss out on any important post, but aren’t left waiting for the redirection to come in to action as you get settled in. Send out your new address in Dulwich to your family and friends well in advance, giving them the date of the move in a note, email is the easiest way to do this, but do not do it by phone, as they may not have a record of the address for future reference, and you don’t want to be repeating yourself over and over again!

packing room by room

Give yourself a day in which to pack each room, and be particularly careful with the labeling of each box, you can never be too fastidious with that! make a quick note on the box with whats inside it, so that things can be accessed easily if they are needed in an emergency. Pack the truck room by room, so that unloading is an obvious process, with items going to each new room in bulk, it will speed everything up, saving you time and therefore money.

moving with pets

If you have pets or children, arrange for somebody to look after them, as they will require a great deal more attention than you can give them during the stress of moving house to the SE24! If you can’t find a babysitter or pet minder, then make sure there are ample distractions in place throughout the day, like a games console for the kids, or a toy for your pets. Be sure to keep snacks and drinks handy for your kids, and perhaps even the movers! Moving house is hard and thirsty work, so you’ll need sugary things to keep you pepped up!

reserve a parking spot

Check in advance that there will be no problems with parking outside both properties, as you may find yourself with a large on the spot fine for having a massive removal truck on the street by the house in Dulwich, and that could not be a worse start to your new residence!

smooth house relocation

We hope that our tips and tricks for your move are helpful in keeping the whole family happy and relaxed during the move, Bon Voyage!

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