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05 August 2016
How to Successfully Pack Up Your Belongings

How to Successfully Pack Up Your Belongings in Hackney

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The dreading chore of packing can be a thing of the past if you know how to make the most of your packing in Hackney. A few packing tips and a little extra advice and knowledge never goes unwanted and can save you so much time and problems when it comes to boxing up all of household items. Some home owners have more belongings to pack than others, but either way the same techniques and rules apply. To successfully pack up your belongings, you will need some helpful tips from the experts, the right materials and a list.

moving checklist

Step One


Get a piece of paper or a notepad and jot down anything that you need to sort out before you start packing. Do you need to take an item in for repair before packing it? Or, perhaps you’re not sure whether to throw a particular object out or give it away? Then, when you are ready to start packing in Hackney, E5, write down which items you are going to pack in which box. The way in which you organise your packing depends on you and whatever way you find easiest and most effective, but writing it all down on paper will make it clearer and more organised for you to make sense of.

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Step Two


Measure up how much items you have and need to pack before then working out how much packing materials you will need in the E8 district. However many boxes, bags, labels, tape, paper and bubble wrap you require, make sure that you are able to easily close each box without difficulties. Every box should not have items bulging out it and when the packing has all been done, you should be able to neatly stack the boxes one on top of the other. When you go out to buy your packing supplies, make sure you buy more rather than less. It is far better to have too much than to run out half way through completing the job.

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Step Three


Now you should be all ready with your boxes, tape and other packing supplies, so you’re all ready to start packing and wrapping. Don’t just sling your items in to any random box without putting any thought in to it, instead colour code, number or label them in some way which helps to order them. With your paper, bubble wrap and other products, carefully wrap your belongings in Hackney however many times you think is necessary, of course this depends on the item and what it is made of. Then, place your wrapped items in to their box and arrange them so that they are packed safely. Now you have packed up one box, the same rule generally applies to all, so all you have to do is to repeat these steps until you have completely finished your packing.

packing materials

Extra tips to Remember:


  -  Don’t pack more than 20kg of belongings in to one box
  -  If you are using boxes in E9 that are weak or have been used, reinforce them with thick tape before placing your items inside
  -  Be careful with what you wrap with newspaper because it is easy for the print to rub off on to your belongings
  -  Try to pack similar items together in the same boxes
  -  If packing heavy and light things together, put the heavy items at the bottom
  -  Bubble wrap, scrap paper, card, cloth, old pieces of clothing and shoe boxes all make great materials for wrapping and protecting your more fragile and expensive items like crockery, antiques, home decor items etc.
  -  Be sensible with regards to how much a box or bag can hold so that it doesn’t break and is light enough for you or the removals company to carry.

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