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30Mar 2015
How To Get Your Head Around A Home Removal Task in Shoreditch

house relocation

Moving house in Shoreditch but feeling swamped with the amount of work that goes into the process? Is moving day fast approaching but you haven’t yet started packing and preparing your items for the big move? There’s still time to get the job sorted; just approach it in a systematic manner and follow our step by step approach to enjoy a hassle-free move.

sort through your items

1.    To take or not to take?

First things first, figure out what you’re planning to take with you to your new house. If, when going through your belongings, you find that you have a lot of extra things that you no longer have any use for, simply get rid of them. There’s no point taking boxes of junk to your new house in Shoreditch, E2 if they’re just going to be tossed to the back of the cupboard. For any items of nostalgic or sentimental value that you just can’t bare to chuck away but don’t want cluttering up your new house, consider putting them into storage. Hiring out a storage unit is also a great option if your house is still being decorated or not yet habitable. Relatively cheap and easily accessible, most storage companies can offer you a fantastic solution to your clutter issues, but ensure you look around and do some research to find the best deals available.

plan house removals
2.    Get drawing!

If you can, try and draw out a floor plan of your new house so that you know what’ll go where before you even arrive. This will save you a lot of time and will mean that you can put your furniture out in the correct position as soon as you arrive, giving you one less job to worry about.

packing materials
3.    Purchase all the necessary equipment.

When moving items around, to and from your house, removal van and from room to room, things are bound to get bashed around a little bit. This may result in scratches, damage and breakages to your items if you don’t take the appropriate measures in packaging up your items securely. When purchasing your equipment, it’s best to bulk buy, as you can never be too sure how much bubble wrap, packing tape, foam, boxes you may need and by doing so, you’re likely to receive a little discount as well. Small items can be packaged up in plastic boxes. Although cardboard boxes are probably cheaper, cardboard is a flimsy material and won’t be able to hold the weight of a lot of items. Plastic on the other hand is tough and durable, so pack in as many items as you can and wrap them in foam or newspaper to prevent them from clinking around during the van journey.

choose removal services
4.    Decisions decisions!

Decide if you want to hire the removal services of a moving company that operates in Shoreditch, or if you want to take care of the job yourself, in which case you need to think about hiring a moving van. Moving on your own is a bold decision to make, and if thinking of doing so, be prepared to do a lot of hard grafting and heavy lifting. However, removal companies and their team of movers will do all the hard work for you. You can bank upon moving companies to get you from A to B and safely moved into your new home without you having to break into a sweat. Do your research first and look around for the best deals before making any bookings; ask around your friends and family or anyone you know that has undergone a recent move, because recommendations through word of mouth tend to work out best.

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