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16Apr 2015
Home Removals In Clapham Made Easy

moving home

There are many reasons why people move from one place to another. Whether you are moving to a new place to be closer to your work, relocating internationally, moving closer to your family or friends, upgrading or downgrading, or just moving for extra space, you will need to go through the tedious process of home removal. Nobody ever said moving houses in Clapham was easy but not many people will tell you what a chore, an unpleasant one, it can be. One can however, take measures and follow simple steps to make their removal an easy one.

professional movers

The first thing you need to consider is at what level you need help of the professionals. If you think you can manage the whole thing on your own, you are fooling yourself. The options you have are: professional home removal companies in Clapham, SW4 that take care of everything from packing at your old place to unpacking at the new place, man and a van service that takes care of your transportation needs and labour requirements (if arranged in advance), or just a moving truck for getting your belongings across to the new place. The first option is the easiest to take as you do not need to move a muscle and just watch the moving done for you. The second and third options still need your attention and effort.

planning home removals

Proper planning is one of the most important things for an easy removal. Plan days, if not weeks, ahead of the moving day. Start with a checklist and put down everything that needs to be done in your home in the SW11 region. Once the checklist is ready, start ticking off items one by one. Do not try to do everything at once or leave everything for the last day. The more prudent you are with early planning and organization, the easier it is going to be for you not to mention less stressful and more efficient.

packing boxes

One of the things that you should be extra careful with is packing. If you pack well, it is going to make transportation and unpacking easier for you while making sure that none of your possessions get damaged or spoiled during the move. Start with buying good moving boxes, bubble wrap and duct tape. Pack room by room and label your boxes. Bubble wrap breakable items and use newspaper to stuff hollow fragile items, such as cups and glasses. Disassemble the furniture and wrap and pack it properly. It might seem like a chore but it will ease the process of transportation and handling.

man with a van

Transportation is important. This is where most people go wrong and end up overspending. Once your boxes are in order, call for transportation accordingly. A truck too big means overpaying while a small truck might mean multiple trips or stuffing your belongings into it tightly that may cause damage to your precious belongings. Decide what kind of transportation you want: a man with a van or a removal truck. Make sure all this is done well in advance before the final day.

moving day

Next comes the big day. Get people to help you out with handling your boxes. This may mean your friends, neighbours and family. However, do not underestimate the weight of the boxes or the size of the task. This part is better left to professional movers, who are well aware of how to get the job done in no time. The best option would be to hire a moving company in Clapham that takes care of everything from packing to transportation. This way, you get an all inclusive package and do not have to worry about a single thing. Now that’s a good deal!

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