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05 August 2016
Helpful Hints to Make Packing Easier When Moving House To Camden

packing boxes

Moving house to Camden is a big job with a lot to arrange. One of the most challenging tasks is the packing. It is amazing at how much we accumulate over the years. Before you begin packing take the time to have a sort through and dump rubbish and broken things. You may also be hoarding unwanted items that are no use any more. You could ask people you know if they want any of it, of give it to charity organisations. Some of it may be worth selling wither online or hold a garage sale or attend a car boot sale. This is a good way of getting back some much needed cash that could be put towards the removal service you are hiring. Try to stream line what you are taking with you to your new address.

packing supplies

If you are doing your own packing after accessing what you are taking with you to the NW1 area you will then need to get hold of a lot of packing boxes and supplies. It is a good idea to buy new as they will be sturdy and protect your precious belongings. You can ask supermarkets and furniture stores to save used boxes and collect them for your removal to Camden. Make sure you get strong tape, bubble wrap, plastic sheets, scissors, newspaper and labels and pens. You can get all of this at most stationery and home stores. Either buy quality boxes or if using second hand ensure they are strong and durable. Heavy duty boxes will be needed for heavier things and lighter ones for lighter loads.

start packing

Start to pack up out of season items first and then gradually go through a room at a time as the moving date draws closer. Create room in a garage or spare room to place the packed up belongings. Don’t overfill the boxes make them a similar weight that you know you can carry on and off the removal van. You will have to make sure everything is a reasonable weight to move it. Label clearly and write fragile for glass or breakables. Use a colour code for each room to make it easier when unloading to place immediately in the room you want it in. For example green for the living room.

removal boxes

Protect individual items with newspaper and bubble wrap and don’t leave space between the things as this can lead to breakages. Cushion delicate ornaments and glass with soft towels to keep them safe. Special care and attention will be required for pictures, mirrors and photographs. Large soft items can be placed in wardrobes. Fill laundry baskets, bins and buckets with household detergents and cleaning tools. Heavy furniture such as sofas, chairs, mattresses, wardrobes and tables need to be protected with plastic and taped securely. If you can take apart then that will make them easier to maneuver. Flat packed items are easier to move so it is best if you can to disassemble. This makes it easier if you need some help to move the larger things. Also make sure you have a good route to the property in NW1 forthe removal vehicle with no obstructions. It is hard work shifting large and bulky items so have a rest along the way.

pack a suitcase

As moving day draws closer fill a suitcase with essentials that you can live out of for a few days until you manage to unpack everything at your new address in Camden, WC1. Pack clothes, toiletries and bedding to help save time from having to go through the entire load.

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