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29Jul 2015
Donating Your Unwanted Stuff to Red Cross When Moving House To Hammersmith

donating when moving house

Moving house to Hammersmith is one of the best opportunities for a long-needed assessment of your possessions. You’ll be shocked when you sort through everything you’re not sure if you really need, and realise how long it’s taken you to throw a lot of stuff out. Clothes, for example, are always an easy thing to purge when you go through your moving checklist, along with any toys and games the kids have grown out of, but insisted they would want it at some point in the future.

donating clothes

Although it’d be much easier to simply take everything you don’t need to the tip, there aren’t nearly enough people who donate their unwanted items when it comes to the process of moving house. Donating to a charitable cause not only serves a good purpose, but has practical functions like lightening the load of things you need to take to your new property in W6. While there are many different non-profits that will happily take your unwanted clothes and other possessions, this article will focus on the most universal chain of charity shops: Red Cross.

donate furniture to the Red Cross

The Red Cross is an internationally active and recognised organization, and is dedicated to many charitable projects in the places that need it most. It was founded in 1863, and currently employs 2,600 people and is supported by the tireless efforts of over 30,000 volunteers. The unbiased relief efforts conducted by the Red Cross have been at the centre of wars, natural disasters and many other humanitarian crises over the past 150 years. While not everyone has the time to become actively involved in a charitable organisation, least of all when they have to worry about moving house, it’s always easy to donate, with hundreds of donation centres and charity shops scattered across the UK.

donate books before removals

You may have wanted to donate things after a big clear-out before, but hesitated when you found you weren’t sure which charities in W12 take what. There are plenty of resources online where you can find out the specifics of what the Red Cross are looking for, but here are some general pointers. The Red Cross, when stacked up against many other major charities, has quite the workload on its hands. In any given year they aid 500,000 people in every corner of the globe. Like any charity their efforts towards their cause are largely down to volunteer work, and any donations you make will not only help people abroad, but also those in your own local community.

moving home

The broad scope of the Red Cross’s work means that they will take almost any household item you can name. Set some time aside during the chaos of moving home to Hammersmith, then lay out anything you don’t want to bring to your new property and check the whole collection against the following criteria. Ornaments, books, DVDs, clothes and shoes are always a big hit with Red Cross charity shops; they’re not only easy for the volunteers to catalogue and organise, but are also popular with the public. Some shops will take larger pieces of furniture and electronic appliances, but it’s always better to call and check rather than dumping it at the back door and running! You should also note that any medical apparatus, safety gear or toys must be donated with the relevant safety instructions.

donating to charity shops

You can probably cast your mind back to one of your recent shopping trips and remember where your nearest Red Cross charity shop is. If not, it’s easy to search for your nearest one online. When it comes to your relocation to W6, your cargo will not only feel lighter, but you’ll be able to take some small relief from the stress knowing you did a good deed.

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