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29Apr 2015
Conducting a Home Removal in Pimlico with Pets - Things to Remember!

moving with pets

If you've got a dog or cat in your house in Pimlico, you're probably aware that things have to be a certain way to keep them happy. They're territorial animals that are very sensitive to change. Because of this, they don't tend to be fond of the removal process, and will show their disdain in different ways. So, with that in mind – if you're looking to be moving house in the near future, here are a few ways to keep your pet happy.

The first thing to keep in mind - they should be eased into the process. Take things slow at the start so they don't become suspicious – keep giving them the attention they deserve throughout and let them know that you're not leaving them behind. This Pimlico based relocation includes everyone – including the pets.

house removals with pets
When packing, you should keep them out of the way. Put them out back, or in a different room with another person while you work. You don't want to leave your pet all alone, but you don't want to be tripping over them either – that's not going to make anyone happy.

You should keep your dog or cat in mind when packing too – bring a few mementos with you. Something that carries their scent like their bed, and a few toys. This will make them feel welcome in an otherwise strange, new space. So when making your moving checklist, don't forget about them!

When you actually get to the day of your move from the SW1, there are a few things you can do to lower your pet's stress levels. Make sure you stick to the decided route when driving, and take regular stops. This is recommended for most removal journeys, but just keep it in mind.

visit the vet
Before the move actually begins, pay a visit to the vet. Let them have a look at your animal, and see if they can prescribe something if your pet's an excitable or nervous one. A light sedative is usually good for this, just something to calm them down until you get to your new home. This'll make your move from Pimlico or the SW3 area easier and less stressful for everyone.

Once you've arrived, there are still things to do. When you're unpacking everything, place their bed and their toys/playthings of choice in a clear corner, out of the way. This will allow  your pets to adjust at their own pace. As long as you keep an eye on them, they'll be fine. We all need time to adjust to a new environment, and your dog or cat isn't any different. The same goes for the outside too – take your dog for a good, long walk around the local park, and if you're a cat owner, let them have some time outside.

packing services
It's all well and good focusing on the move itself, like hiring all of the right W1 based removal services and getting all the packing done on time. But special attention has to be given to the little, furry passengers to keep them happy. Every pet is different, and has different behaviour patterns, and only you know how to deal with these foibles. But as a general rule, the above tips provide a framework for a pet friendly move! Remember to visit your new vet too from time to time, just to check if your animals are doing fine.

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