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29 March 2018
5 Steps to Take For a Stress-Free House Removal

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Are you planning to relocate to another town? Well if you have ever moved before, you would agree that moving house is one of the most stressful things to do. This is because you have to pack everything that is in your house, find a new home for your family and also, it is not easy adjusting to a new place mainly if you have stayed in your current home for long. Although you cannot avoid some things like feeling isolated in the new location, you can make the house removal process less stressful with the following steps.

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1. Make a removal checklist

This is essential as you may be having some commodities that you no longer need in your current house. By making a list of the things you will be moving with, you will know what you need to leave behind. So give everyone in the family a list to make. Let them include in the list all the things that they need and the ones that are left unwritten - consider selling them, giving them to friends or even donating to caregiver institutions.

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2. Plan for your new home as you pack the old one

If you want to transfer your current house arrangement to your new home, you can make your work easy by keeping images of how it was. How do you do this? Get a camera and go through every room in your house. Take pictures of the arrangements done and save them in your camera. This will be easy once you get to your new home since all you will do is look at the images as you order the area where you want the items to be placed. Note that this should be done before packing.

3. Book your removal services earlier

The last thing you want to do is to call the removal company on the due date and get a message that they will not be able to come because they are moving another client. Well, this happens if the company is overbooked on the same day. To avoid this from happening, book your moving services may be a month or more before your moving day. Also, make sure to secure your booking by paying a particular amount from the amount you were charged. This helps in preventing the moving company from being overbooked on the same day.

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4. Pack earlier

To avoid rushing on moving day, you should make sure to pack your belongings a day or two earlier. This gives you the chance to arrange and organise your things well, and you also get enough time to mark the boxes for natural allocation in the new house. So, before the movers arrive in your home, make sure that everything is packed and labelled, and all they will need is to move the items to the vehicle. This saves you stress and time as well.

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5. Prepare your new home before moving in

Before the day of your move, make sure to have everything ready for your stay. Do you want to change the locks, refresh the paint or to add anything in the house? Do this before you relocate so that you can move in and settle immediately. This will also make you feel like you have been living there for long.

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If you plan to move house, use the above steps to make the removal process easy and less stressful. Hire a reliable removal company to avoid getting disappointed with the moving service and ask for help from friends and family if necessary.

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